Developmental Associates' comprehensive assessments provided us with a broad range of information on the candidates' intellectual, emotional, and technical abilities, and the simulation exercises enabled us to evaluate the candidates' performance in dealing with real-world, locally-relevant situations. Personally I can't imagine going through our manager search process without this information, and Transylvania County is very satisfied with Developmental Associates' management of our manager search process.
— Mike Hawkins, Chairperson, County Commissioners, Transylvania County
"Making the effort to undertake a national search through Developmental Associates, LLC to find Holly Fracaro has proven to be perhaps the most important effort our Home Builders Association has ever done."   (Excerpt from the winning nomination for NCHBA Stars Award, New Executive Officer of the Year Award)  
— Simon Vincent, President, Home Builder's Association, Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties
“I have found the professionalism and advice from Developmental Associates to be top-notch.  I have worked with them as Head at two different schools now to both select and guide the professional growth or two different administrative teams.  In fact, as I moved into my new role as Head at Barnhart, they helped me select my new administrative team, to great advantage for the team, the school, and myself as the leader.”
— Ethan Williamson, Head of School, Barnhart
“If I was building a new course to improve student success, it would be founded on emotional intelligence. All the instruction in the world on “study skills” cannot touch the advantages that come to students who are able to manage their emotional intelligence. And the best news of all is that these skills can be taught…Think of the difference between teaching unwilling students vs. those who are ready to focus, eager to learn, and bring positive energy to the classroom. EQ skills make the difference.”
— Randy Swing, Executive Director, Association for Institutional Research
“Korrel worked with our high potential leadership group, combining training and coaching to work with these very busy and high-energy employees. They left their coaching sessions feeling supported, challenged, and energized. And, they had a plan to further develop their EI and leadership skills.” --- Kristine Carlson, Talent Management Consultant, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC (Non-Profit)
— Kristine Carlson, Talent Management Consultant, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
“Dr. Kanoy brings an amazing blend of experience, understanding, integrity and genuine concern to our program. Her quick-paced, interactive sessions resonate with our participants and keep them asking for more. Emotional intelligence is not something that engineers generally get excited about but she tailored our sessions to address that and hooked us all.”
— Lisa Coleman, Legacy Leadership Program Manager, NC Department of Transportation
"We have been long aware that academic ability does not necessarily predict college success. This book provides a comprehensive look at EQ-I and the role it plays in student persistence. It takes these non-cognitive aspects that we know really matter and puts them into is a practical, user friendly guide. This book is long overdue in higher education."  
— Catherine Andersen, Professor and Special Assistant to the Provost for Student Success. , Galludet University
"Korrel has been able to translate the concepts of emotional intelligence to our clergy and lay leaders in a way that is accessible and engaging.  When participants have been asked for a word or phrase that describes their time learning with her, frequently used descriptors are ‘phenomenal,’ ‘transformative,’ and ‘enlightening.’ "
— Leah Wiebe-Smith, Academy for Leadership Excellence, Associate Director
"Korrel Kanoy is an accomplished and experienced leader in higher education. Her long-time teaching career, coupled with her academic leadership at William Peace University and her own active ongoing scholarship, have given her unique insights and a distinctive depth of understanding about the realities of collegiate learning and teaching. A thoughtful, generous, and thorough educator, Dr. Kanoy brings significant expertise regarding the applications of human development to faculty and student success in higher education.” --- Dr. Debbie Cottrell,  VPAA, Texas Lutheran University (Education)
— Dr. Debbie Cottrell, VPAA, Texas Lutheran University
“It was great to learn from someone who has used the [EQ-i] assessment with college students.  I learned a lot about the instrument and how to use it effectively in my work with students. “
— Faculty member, mid-size Southeastern University

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