Our approach: We ground our work in individual and 360 emotional intelligence assessment and ensure you have the tools and skills to stay successful. And, we customize the process to meet your needs.

  • Facilitate jointly-designed professional development plans with accountability measures
  • Provide multi-method feedback including psychometric instruments (EQ-i 2.0 and 360, Human Patterns, DISC) individual interviews with key stakeholders, and other methods of assessment
  • Work within a framework of assessment, challenge and support
  •  Encourage inclusion of work-team assessment to enhance individual development
  • Provide individual and team coaching

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Curriculum and Program Development

Our approach: We ask what you need or want and then work with you to develop a curriculum or program that accomplishes your goals.

  • Use research findings to ground and develop your programs
  • Design curricula and programs specifically for your students; for example, first-year college students, student leaders, Greek organizations, or graduating seniors
  • Include activities that improve skills and lead to lasting gains
  • Develop highly engaging, interactive and content-rich programs that participants endorse with enthusiasm

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Executive and Leader Recruitment, Screening and Selection

Our Approach: We provide you with the most accurate and in-depth information possible to make informed decisions about the executives and leaders for your organization by using the following methods.

  • Obtain stakeholder input to customize the recruitment, screening and selection process.
  • Employ multiple methods to recruit candidates.
    • Sample methods: targeted contacts, professional association sites, social media, and our on-line applicant management system which allows “apples to apples” comparisons of all candidates.
  • Conduct intensive screening of top candidates.
    • Sample screening methods: Combine Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) assessment, structured telephone interviews, media searches, and customized surveys.
  • Design tailored simulation exercises that enable firsthand observation of candidate competencies and provides information that goes well beyond what can be learned in an interview.
  • Provide in-depth feedback on the competencies of your finalists.
  • Provide comprehensive background investigations and reference checks.

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Public Safety Promotional Processes

Our Approach: Develop processes that are valid and reliable and viewed as transparent and fair by the participants.

* Create assessment center exercises based on multi-method job analysis that obtains stakeholder participation
* Recruit highly trained and objective subject matter experts to serve as assessors
* Deliver behaviorally-based candidate feedback and co-design professional employee development plans
* Incorporate the EQ-i 2.0 and exercises to assess emotional intelligence skills

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Training, Development and Certification

Our Approach: We work with you to assess your training needs and customize programs to your organization and staff. We use adult- learning approaches to facilitate participant engagement, transfer of training, and retention to program completion.

  • Lead EQi 2.0 and 360 Certification Workshops
  • Assess and develop applied skills in emotional intelligence, leadership, and results based management. Click here for sample programs we have developed for others.
  • Managing with Emotional Intelligence
  • Offer a seven week development program that includes individual EQ-i 2.0 assessment and skill development for 15 emotional intelligence competencies.
  • Interacting Across All Levels
  • Participate in a 20 hour program that teaches participants individual and group interpersonal skills.
  • Reaching Your Potential
  • Combine training with coaching in a program that teaches about emotional
  • intelligence and leadership development using group training and individual coaching for each participant; program length varies
  • Results Based Supervision and Management
  • Provide a 50 hour program that teaches concepts and applied skills to improve problem solving and performance management. To ensure an impact on your organization, participants are required to apply these skills to get credit.

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Other Services Offered

  • Attitude/Opinion Surveys (departmental, employees, students)
  • Board-Leadership Team or Executive Team Retreats
  • Community Oriented/Geographic Policing Consultation
  • FYE Program Review
  • Program Assessment and Evaluation
  • QEP Planning
  • Strategic Planning

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