Client Openings/Process

Developmental Associates serves educational, government and nonprofit organizations in recruiting, screening, promotion and selection for key leadership positions. Employers choose us because we offer rigorous screening and assessment of candidates using multiple methods of assessment of candidate’s skills to ensure the best fit for both the applicant and the organization.

Our Process

Developmental Associates is contracted by employers to assist with recruitment and/or screening of applicants.  We want to ensure that applicant experience and credentials are communicated in a consistent manner to our clients. To that end we have an on-line application process powered by NEOGOV that ensures all applicants are compared against the same hiring criteria, which is determined through a comprehensive analysis of the job, the organization, and conversations with key stakeholders.

While applicants apply through Developmental Associates, we present all candidate application materials to the employer for consideration. Candidates who meet the minimum and preferred requirements are typically given higher consideration at the first stage  The hiring entity – be it a Board, Council, Search Team, or Manager – determines who will be invited to participate in the next step of “Secondary Screening” which can include a phone interview, written answers to questions related to the job, and/or an assessment of emotional intelligence competencies. The secondary screening step is intended to go beyond evaluation of your credentials and work experience to provide the decision makers with more detail about your breadth and depth of experience and your skills.

Once again, Developmental Associates presents all data to the decision makers who will then decide whom to invite to the next stage which usually occurs on-site and consists of an internal series of interviews or an assessment center which Developmental Associates develops and facilitates.  (When involving a governmental employer, this process of sharing information requires applicants to provide a “limited confidentiality waiver” allowing us to share the information with those at the employing organization who are involved with the hiring process.   If you apply, you will be asked to consent to this condition in order to have your application shared with and considered by the employer.  We are required by law to maintain confidentiality.)  Depending on how many people are invited to this stage (typically 6-7 for government positions and 3-4 for educational institutions), some organizations conduct another round of interviews to assess “mutual fit” between the organization and the top 1-2 candidates.

Developmental Associates always recommends that clients conduct a thorough background check, which, depending on the position can include motor vehicle records, criminal records, drug tests, media searches, and/or detailed references. We will recommend professionals to carry out that step, if the client desires.

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Technical Support

If you have difficulties submitting your application, please review the help faqs or contact Tom Moss for assistance.